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The news highlights from Mouser this week are:


  • Distribution Agreement – Mouser Signs Global Distribution Agreement with Macronix to Stock Wide Range of High-Performance Memory Products

Mouser announces it has entered into a distribution agreement with Macronix International Co., Ltd., a leading provider of non-volatile memory solutions. Macronix designs and manufactures an expansive range of NOR Flash and NAND Flash products for diverse applications from computing, consumer, networking, and industrial to mobile, embedded, automotive, medical devices and Internet of Things (IoT). Mouser is stocking a wide range of Macronix memory solutions including the MX25S 1.2V serial NOR flash, the MX25R ultra-low power serial NOR flash and the MX25Ux/MX66Ux 1.8V and MX25Lx/MX66LM 3V OctaFlash™ NOR flash. The MX25S 1.2V serial NOR flash offers ultra-low power consumption, effectively extending battery life, and is ideal for health monitoring applications, wireless devices, IoT, wearables and more. The MX25R ultra-low power serial NOR flash is a family of memory products with a wide range voltage input range (1.65V to 3.6V), suitable for use in a wide variety of IoT and other energy-conscious applications, such as wearable and mobile devices. The MX25Ux/MX66Ux 1.8V and MX25Lx/MX66LM 3V OctaFlash™ NOR flash are extreme speed memory products built on a serial peripheral interface (SPI) and command protocol, providing extendable I/O capability. These devices are an ideal solution for over-the-air (OTA) update applications, which are becoming more prevalent within automotive and IoT solutions.

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  • New Product – Mouser Now Shipping Allegro’s Coreless ACS37610 Hall-Effect Current Sensor IC with Superior SNR for EVs and Industrial Use

Mouser is now stocking the ACS37610 current sensor IC from Allegro MicroSystems. Touted as the industry’s first family of Hall-Effect-sensing solutions targeted at automotive and industrial systems, the ACS37610 offers a genuinely coreless solution designed to measure currents from 100A to greater than 4,000A flowing through a busbar or PCB trace without the need for an external concentrator or U-shaped magnetic shield. The ACS37610 Current Sensor IC is AEC-Q100 Grade 0 automotive qualified and is well suited for EV high-voltage traction motor inverters, 48V/12V auxiliary inverters, overcurrent detection, DC/DC converters, heterogeneous redundant battery monitoring, smart fuses, power distribution units (PDUs) and power supplies. It enables engineers to accurately measure hundreds or thousands of amps in a very economical and straightforward way and provides excellent immunity, greater precision, higher power density and enhanced efficiency while reducing system complexity, non-linearity errors, BOM cost, footprint and weight. The ACS37610 comes in an ultra-compact, surface mountable, low-profile 8-pin TSSOP8 package. The device is offered in 150 kHz and 250 kHz bandwidth options, as well as regular and low-power modes, and has an ambient temperature range of -40°C to 150°C. The ACS37610 delivers a high accuracy of 1% (typ.), a speedy response time of <2 μs (typ.) and offers factory-programmed segmented linear temperature compensation (TC) to provide low thermal drift. The IC features innovative differential Hall-based sensing technology, resulting in a 2.5x improvement in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) with 2x lower noise compared to previous generations. The device is supported by the ASEK37610 evaluation boards, also available from Mouser.

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  • New Partnership – Mouser Announces Global Collaboration with Edge Impulse to Expand Access to Machine Learning Development

Mouser is pleased to announce a new global partnership with Edge Impulse, a cutting-edge development platform that enables machine learning (ML) on edge devices, providing advanced intelligence to a wide range of products and devices, from low-power MCUs to efficient Linux CPU targets and GPUs. This collaboration represents a major milestone for the electronics industry, as it brings hardware and AI/ML closer together, combining the market-leading platform and tools of Edge Impulse with Mouser’s expansive range of compatible hardware products. It showcases Mouser’s dedication to innovation and will contribute to the growth of edge-based ML solutions, as well as open-source projects and use cases. Mouser customers can gain easy online access to the Edge Impulse software platform through relevant product microsites and learn more about how they can use ML to empower their designs. Similarly, Edge Impulse users will have convenient access to compatible hardware, including microcontrollers and development kits, directly from Mouser. Edge Impulse, which holds the distinction of being the foremost industry leader in ML, is empowering developers to leverage real-world data to create and optimise solutions. Its platform streamlines deployment and scaling and enables rapid implementation. As a hardware-agnostic solution, Edge Impulse enables engineers and students to develop sophisticated ML and AI solutions, leveraging a variety of hardware options to expand the range of applications. This global collaboration is designed to remove barriers preventing edge AI and ML development and simplify access to hardware products, streamlining development.

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  • New Product – Mouser Now Stocking Microchip Technology PIC32CZ CA Microcontrollers for Secure Industrial and Automotive Applications

Mouser is now shipping the PIC32CZ CA microcontrollers from Microchip Technology. The PIC32CZ CA are 32-bit high-performance MCUs, featuring an Arm® Cortex®-M7 processor, 8 MB of flash and 1 MB of SRAM, and a wide range of connectivity options, including high-speed USB, CAN FD, SQI, SDHC, I2S™, Media LB™ bus, EBI, and SERCOM. The PIC32CZ CA90 MCUs also include an integrated hardware security module (HSM), offering a unified security solution for industrial and consumer applications. The HSM operates as a secure subsystem with a distinct MCU on board that manages firmware and security features. The HSM creates a firewalled secure subsystem that is separate from the main host MCU, keeping all security separate from the main host microcontroller. The PIC32CZ CA microcontrollers also include secure boot, which verifies the authenticity and integrity of application code, protecting against malicious tampering. These MCUs are available in 100-pin, 144-pin, 176-pin, and 208-pin TQFP and BGA packages. These devices are scalable with 2, 4 or 8 MB of on-board Flash, 1 MB of SRAM and error correction code (ECC) memory to mitigate data corruption. The PIC32CZ CA80 and PIC32CZ CA90 are supported by the EV51S73A and EV16W43A Curiosity Ultra development boards, respectively, which are also available to order from The PIC32CZ CA MCUs offer a wide range of connectivity options, making them ideal for industrial gateways, graphics, or automotive applications.

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