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SoM based on STM32MP1 processors WEBINAR 9th of Feb 2021

Dear Avnet Silica Friend,

We invite you to join our free webinar on February 9th, 2021.

The STM32MP1 processor family provides a high level of integration based on a single or dual core arm Cortex-A7 implementation, together with an arm Cortex-M4 core. The Cortex-A7 allows the development of applications based on high end open source operating systems such as Linux, whilst the Cortex-M4, supported by the STM32 ecosystem, allows the management of real time applications.



In this webinar, Engicam will present the BSP for their modules based on the STM32MP1 processor family. They will also demonstrate a pre-configured virtual machine which enables new users to get up to speed much faster with the Yocto embedded Linux build framework. The virtual machine is also configured to make it easy to develop QT-based GUIs.

Practical use case will then be illustrated, for example:

·         Development of an IoT application for setting and monitoring parameters in industrial environments (the uGEA STM32MP1 board for monitoring an industrial compressor will be shown and used)

·         Development and debugging of an HMI solution based on QT framework

·         Creating a Debian system on STM32MP1


·         09:30 – STM32MP1 Series, Roadmap and ecosystem (Marco Sanfilippo, STMicroelectronics)

·         10:15 – Software development Tools (Chris Young, Avnet Silica)

·         11:15 – Engicam – STM32MP1 BSP, Yocto and meta-engicam-ST, Use Case (Massimo Manetti, Matteo Lisi, Francesco Utel, Engicam)

·         12:30 – Q&A

·         13:00 – End of the event