Mouser Signs Global Distribution Agreement with Vox Power to Deliver Innovative Power Solutions

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorised global distributor with the newest electronic components and industrial automation products, today announces a new global distribution agreement with Vox Power, a leading manufacturer of AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters.

As part of this agreement, Mouser Electronics will distribute Vox Power’s unique, configurable, and rugged fanless conduction-cooled power supplies. These products have been specifically designed for the medical, industrial, and technology markets, providing high-density solutions that fit into compact spaces for demanding applications that conventional products cannot meet.

The innovative NEVO+600 modular configurable power supply, available from Mouser, is the smallest in its class and the ultimate solution for demanding applications where size, power density and weight matter. Its tiny footprint of 5″ x 3″ x 1.61″ weighs only 600 grams and delivers an incredible 600 Watts, equating to a power density of 25 Watts per cubic inch. The NEVO+600 power supply is offered in both industrial and medical variants. The NEVO+1200 modular configurable power supply, also available in industrial and medical options, delivers up to 1200 Watts from a 1.2 kg 6″ x 6″ x 1.61″ package. Both the NEVO+600 and NEVO+1200 can be configured using output modules to create unique power solutions.

The conduction-cooled VCCR300, available to order from Mouser, is a robust and highly reliable industrial DC/DC power supply capable of delivering up to 300 Watts in a compact size measuring only 7.43 x 4.6 inches. Its unrivalled 1-inch low profile ensures easy integration in virtually any orientation, providing system designers with great flexibility and space-saving advantages.

Designed with the highest reliability and versatility in mind, the medically approved VCCM600M conduction-cooled configurable power supply, also available to order, is suitable for applications ranging from the most controlled environments to the harshest conditions. Each configured solution can accommodate up to 4 isolated DC output modules, and each module utilizes 100% SMT components to ensure reliability.

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About Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is an authorised semiconductor and electronic component distributor focused on New Product Introductions from its leading manufacturer partners. Serving the global electronic design engineer and buyer community, the global distributor’s website,, is available in multiple languages and currencies and features more than 6.8 million products from over 1,200 manufacturer brands. Mouser offers 28 support locations worldwide to provide best-in-class customer service in local language, currency and time zone. The distributor ships to over 650,000 customers in 223 countries/territories from its 1 million-square-foot, state-of-the-art distribution facilities in the Dallas, Texas, metro area. For more information, visit

About Vox Power

Headquartered in Ireland, Vox Power Ltd designs and manufactures a range of unique high-density and highly efficient AC/DC power solutions and DC/DC converters for the medical, industrial and technology markets. The unrivalled size and weight advantages of our power supplies, blended with market-leading functionality and features, enable customers to create innovative, smaller and aesthetically pleasing end solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of configurable and fan-less conduction-cooled power solutions for a broad range of applications, including healthcare, industrial, test and measurement, communications, railway, battery electric vehicles, etc. Premium quality and reliability are complemented by world-class technical support.