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Mouser Electronics, Inc. is focused on supplying 100% certified, genuine products from its manufacturing partners for electronic design engineers and buyers. Mouser introduces hundreds of new products each month and supports innovation by supplying engineers with the newest products, technologies and resources.

The news highlights from Mouser this week are:

PMD provide innovative, high-performance ICs, boards and drive-based motion control solutions. Mouser now distributes PMD’s Magellan, Juno, ION, and ATLAS families of motor control devices. The Magellan Family of motion control ICs provide advanced motion control for medical, scientific, automation, industrial, and robotic applications. The Juno Family is the industry’s first family of compact velocity and torque control ICs. The ION digital drives are compact, fully enclosed modules that provide high-performance motion control, network connectivity and power amplification. The ATLAS digital amplifiers are compact, single-axis amplifiers that provide high-performance torque control for DC brush, BLDC, and step motors.

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  • New Products – Texas Instruments’ TLV915x operational amplifiers (op-amps) and ADS7128 12-bit analogue-to-digital converter (ADC).

The new TI products offer precision and performance in small form factors and work together to support a range of industrial applications including factory automation, test and measurement equipment, and data acquisition systems. The TI TLV915x low-noise low-offset op-amps provide outstanding DC precision with robust AC performance. The 16 V general-purpose devices feature low-offset drift, rail to rail output and 4.5 MHz bandwidth, a wide differential input voltage range, high output current of ±75mA and high slew rate 20VµS, making them suitable for industrial use as well as high and low side current sensing applications. The TI TLV915x family is capable of driving the TI ADS7128 – a multiplexed successive approximation register (SAR) type device, whose eight channels can be configured as digital inputs, outputs or analogue inputs. The ADC supports applications including mobile robot CPU boards, digital multimeters and rack servers.

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  • New Product – Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52820 multiprotocol SoC.

The nRF52820 multiprotocol system-on-chip (SoC) from Nordic Semiconductor combines Bluetooth 5.2 with USB 2.0. The SoC is based on Nordic’s nRF52 Series architecture, with support for the full suite of Bluetooth® 5.2 features and other popular communications protocols – useful for a variety of wireless Internet of Things (IoT) applications, including asset tracking, high-performance human interface device (HID) controllers, smart home products, and professional lighting. The built-in USB, fully-featured multiprotocol radio and +8 dBm output power makes the nRF52820 SoC an ideal network processor to be paired with an application microcontroller in gateways and applications requiring advanced wireless connectivity.

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As part of the Smart Radio platform recently contracted by the U.S. Army’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) and the U.S. Air Force’s AFWERX, the multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) mesh routers utilise state-of-the-art RF and networking capabilities for faster and reliable communication in drones and mobile robotic systems. The Doodle Labs Smart Radio platform features self-forming and self-healing Mesh Rider® technology and dependable Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) that operate in the harshest environments, enabling high-performance radios for real-time video collaboration in the field. The high-speed data links are secure against infiltration, resilient against interference, and frequency-agile for global and interstellar applications.

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