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Mouser Electronics, Inc. is focused on supplying 100% certified, genuine products from its manufacturing partners for electronic design engineers and buyers. Mouser introduces hundreds of new products each month and supports innovation by supplying engineers with the newest products, technologies and resources.

The news highlights from Mouser this week are:

  • New Webinar – Mouser Supports IoT Development with Webinar On Compact RF Antenna Solutions

Mouser will be hosting a free webinar to help hardware engineers to develop antenna solutions for increasingly compact IoT and smart devices. Mouser has partnered with Amphenol RF for the “RF Antenna Solutions For IoT Devices And Smart Technology” webinar, which will take place on 5 December at 3pm CET. Participants in this webinar will learn about the variety of RF antenna solutions available for emerging IoT applications, and how both internal and external antennas can be incorporated into devices with limited space and other design restrictions. Amphenol RF has a wide range of antenna solutions available for IoT applications, including: internal embedded chip antennas, external antennas, FPC & PCB antennas and near field communication (NFC) antennas. These antennas can be used to solve specific design challenges, such as mounting, size restrictions, frequency range and data transmission capabilities. During the webinar, Mike Comer, Director of Product Marketing & Business Development at Amphenol RF, will advise participants on how to select the best option for their projects. He will also explore the various protocols that can be used to optimise the specific usage of individual antenna types.

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  • New Product – Mouser Now Stocking Silicon Labs’ xG28 Family of SoCs for Long-Range Applications at the Edge

Mouser is now stocking the FG28 system-on-chip (SoC) from Silicon Labs. The FG28 is designed for long-range networks and protocols like Amazon Sidewalk, Wi-SUN, and other proprietary protocols. The FG28 is a dual-band SoC including radios for sub-Gigahertz (GHz) and 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® LE, as well as a built-in AI/ML accelerator for machine learning inference, and Silicon Labs’ industry-leading Secure Vault™ technology. Also available from Mouser is Silicon Lab’s new ZG28, a Z-Wave Long Range SoC; the SG28, an Amazon Sidewalk SoC; and the PG28, a stand-alone microcontroller. These devices all feature a 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M33 core with an 80 MHz maximum operating frequency and rich analogue and communication peripherals. The xG28 family of wireless SoCs combine Bluetooth connectivity, giving users an easy way to provision and deploy new devices onto the network, with a sub-GHz band designed to support device communications over one mile, allowing for new edge applications in areas like smart agriculture, smart cities, and neighbourhood networks like Amazon Sidewalk. The xG28 family of wireless SoCs are supported by the xG28-EK2705A 900 MHz BLE Explorer Kit, the xG28-PK6025A 868-915 MHz BLE Pro-Kit, and the xG28-PK6024A 868-915 MHz BLE +14-dBm Pro-Kit.

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  • Exclusive Interview – Mouser Talks Technology in Exclusive Interview with FIRST Founder Dean Kamen

Mouser is excited to unveil an exclusive video interview with Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST®, which inspires innovation and fosters well-rounded STEM and life skills in hundreds of thousands of young people every year. Since 2014, Mouser has been a major supporter of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), a leading youth-serving nonprofit advancing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education through hands-on robotics programs that teach problem-solving, teamwork and more. In the roughly 10-minute video, Kamen discusses the secrets of success and the importance of technology, as well as the impact of FIRST on youth. The interview occurred in Houston, Texas, during the 2023 FIRST Championship, which Mouser co-sponsored. During the 2022-23 season, more than 669,000 youth from 106 countries worldwide discovered and solved engineering challenges through a series of robotics programs. Mouser was also a major presenting co-sponsor of the recent FIRST in Texas/UIL State Robotics Championships, also in Houston. Mouser also supports FIRST teams across its community, providing grants for local high school teams.

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  • New Product – Mouser Now Shipping LoadSlammer LSP-Kit-OracADJ-X Kit, Enabling Safe and Effective Power Supply Design for AMD/Xilinx FPGAs

Mouser is now stocking the LSP-Kit-OracADJ-X controller from LoadSlammer. Designed to be used in conjunction with the FFED-VC1902-VSVA2197 power test adapter (PTA) and the X-Pod adapter, it provides a fast and comprehensive method for testing and validating power delivery solutions for AMD/Xilinx system-on-chips (SoCs) and field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The LSP-Kit-OracADJ-X enables designers to measure regulator performance under actual operating conditions to verify power delivery performance. The FFED-VC1902-VSVA2197 power test adapter is a form factor equivalent device (FFED) that functions as the device under test (DUT). This configuration allows corner testing of voltage regulation, complete thermal emulation, large signal time and frequency domain evaluation. Developers can stress test the power delivery circuitry before fitting their SoC or FPGA. Also available from Mouser are the Xilinx Power Test adapter kits. Each adapter kit includes a set of three FFED test boards with a ball-grid array (BGA) footprint that reflows onto the PCB pads of the board. The Power Test adapters are designed for AMD/Xilinx Versal™ AI Core Series and Versal Premium AIE devices. The LoadSlammer LSP-Kit-OracADJ-X controller, FFED power test adapters, and Remote Sense kits are all designed to reduce the time to market, and expenses associated with FPGA power supply design.

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  • New Distribution Agreement – Mouser Announces Global Distribution Agreement with Western Automation Research and Development for Ground Fault Protection

Mouser announces a global distribution agreement with Western Automation Research and Development, a division of Littelfuse, and a leading manufacturer of residual current monitoring technologies specifically designed to reduce the risk of electric shock for AC and DC electric vehicle (EV) charging. Western Automation Research and Development products can be found in nearly all residential, commercial and industrial applications, and Mouser is now stocking the latest offerings from Western Automation including the EVCC-01 electric vehicle charger controller. The EVCC-01 EV charger controller provides residual current monitoring (RCM) and protection against electric shock during electric vehicle charging for both AC and DC currents, with configurable power, all-phase charging current protection and 6mA DC fault current detection. Western Automation’s RCM residual current monitors, also available from Mouser, are intended for the detection of DC and AC residual currents in electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, in accordance with UL2231 or IEC62955, where such current may flow under a fault condition.

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