Avnet Silica

Sensing Discovery Days

The real world is analog and we need Sensing to analyse information with digital systems.
IIoT and IoT are becoming part of our daily life, for instance in utilities and Smart Home Systems like Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home or others.
Investments into the automatization of Transportation, Smart City and Smart Industry are growing.

For all use cases mentioned above, Avnet Silica offers a great portfolio for designing modern connected systems that connect the real world and digital services.

We have the capability and resources to support your System Evolution and can support you in creating the diverse opportunities offered by new markets trends.

Our Sensing Discovery Days will focus on different sensing technologies, impacts on digital systems and applications with examples from the labs.

Do you have a new use case, or pain points to solve? Take the opportunity to join the series and be updated on Sensing in different fields like Smart Industry, Smart City, Bio and Image Sensing!

Dates & Time
October 13th
October  20th
October  27th
November 17th
December 15th

09:00 – 12:45 CEST

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