Real-Time Over the Air – new platforms and design strategies for 5G

congatec – a leading vendor of embedded and edge computing technology – introduces new platforms and design strategies for 5G connected mobile and stationary devices. As important innovation accelerators, 5G edge technologies are in high demand, especially among OEMs in the mobility, transportation, logistics and smart city markets, but also among industrial mobile machinery and robotics vendors. They all need new embedded platforms – most often with real-time capabilities. And they want to be able to control these new platforms over the air with zero downtime to enable a totally new generation of smart mobile and stationary devices. congatec addresses these needs with an array of recently launched Computer-on-Modules. Specifically designed for industrial-grade edge appliances, they enable out-of-band management over IP connectivity even when the devices are down.

“Most important for OEM equipment and embedded system design houses are currently the Intel Core processors based congatec modules that support the extended temperature ranges, which makes them a perfect fit for all outdoor equipment – whether mobile, portable or stationary. The latest congatec modules with soldered RAM also deliver great advantages as they are qualified for applications exposed to extreme shock and vibrations. All modules provide opportunity to deploy TSN capable real-time connected OTA services and Device2x communication. In addition, we also offer virtual machine implementations for enabling different tasks and domains on a single device,” explains congatec’s Director Product Marketing Martin Danzer and adds: “Target platforms, upon which our customers can realize their 5G strategies, range from high-end edge server to low power client platforms.”


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