High-performance COM-HPC carrier board in Micro-ATX form factor


Modular high-end Micro-ATX carrier for more sustainable and ultra-scalable COM-HPC based system designs


The board is designed for embedded long-term availability of at least seven years, which eliminates the design risks, revision requirements and supply chain uncertainties of standard or semi-industrial-grade motherboards that are usually only deliverable for three to five years. As it is processor socket and vendor independent, the board can be equipped with any high-end Computer-on-Module available in COM-HPC Client Size A, B or C, making OEM designs even more flexible and sustainable. Impressive scalability across the entire range of 12th Generation Intel Core processor-based COM-HPC modules, which congatec offers in 14 different high-end performance flavors, is just the start of possibilities. Performance options for the new conga-HPC/uATX carrier board range from the conga-HPC/cALS COM-HPC Client Size C modules, offering the currently highest embedded client performance with 16-core Intel Core i9 processor, to the masters of price/performance optimization – the conga-HPC/cALP COM-HPC Client Size A modules with Intel Celeron 7305E processor.

The combination of application-ready industrial-grade COMs & carrier boards with tailored cooling solutions and comprehensive BSPs for all leading RTOSes and the real-time hypervisor from Real-Time Systems is perfect for fastest time-to-market, produces lowest non-recurring engineering costs, enables customers to react very quickly to changing market requirements and reduces the effort to scale the performance of Micro-ATX based systems to a minimum. It allows customers to create a full product portfolio based on one single carrier concept.

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