Omnify announces release Service Pack 1 for Empower 7.0

Omnify Software announces the release of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Empower 7.0. This Service Pack includes a number of feature improvements, fixes and functionality not available in the initial release, including a new integration with Altium Designer.

We strongly recommend all existing 7.0 customers upgrade to SP1, now available through the Application Portal. Hosted customers will be provided with a grace period before the systems will be automatically updated to SP1.

SP1 Highligts

SiliconExpert Interface Enhancements:
With enhancements made to the SiliconExpert integration, you can now generate full BOM reports that include data from SiliconExpert as well as create SiliconExpert data groups that can be displayed on BOM and single part views.

Additional CADKit Update:
CADKit now contains options to automatically create new items based on schematic components.

New Quick Backup:
The System Backup utility now contains “Quick” Backup and Restore operations.

Additional Documentation/Information
What’s New in Omnify Empower 7.0 SP1
What’s New in Omnify Empowr 7.0

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