Find and fix PCB design flaws before handoff to manufacture

Optimize your PCB production with PCBflow. Maximize efficiency and ensure quality with PCBflow. Here’s how PCBflow can enhance your PCB manufacturing process:

  • Find and Fix Design Flaws Early: Detect and correct PCB design issues before handing off to manufacturing.
  • Save Time and Reduce Re-design/Rework: Minimize pre-production time and engineering resources.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Use it immediately with no training required.
  • Industry Standard DFM Rules: Access comprehensive DFM rules, including IPC compliance checks.
  • Connect with Manufacturers: Link up with your preferred manufacturer to apply real-life DFM rules.
  • Cost and Availability Checks: Instantly calculate BOM costs and check component availability.
  • Instant Price Estimates: Receive quick price estimates for your entire project.