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News: Application-ready congatec COM/carrier combo

Deggendorf, Germany, 28 May 2020 * * * congatec – a leading vendor of embedded computer technology – announces its brand new conga‑SMC1/SMARC-x86 3.5-inch carrier board. The new size-optimized SMARC 2.1 carrier board in 3.5-inch form factor is application-ready and off-the-shelf deployable in small to mid-sized series in combination with any congatec SMARC Computer-on-Module available to date. Tailored to make 3.5-inch SBC designs modular, it is optimized for the Gen 5 Intel Atom®, Celeron® and Pentium® processors (codenamed Apollo Lake) as well as future low power x86 generations. Its slot for SMARC 2.1 processor modules provides processor socket independent scalability, making OEM solutions highly flexible and long term available. With fewer layers, the PCB design of the 3.5-inch carrier is less complex and less expensive compared to a full-custom design. Another benefit of the carrier board is the capability to rapidly implement customizations, which ensures high custom design efficiency: Adding or deleting specific interfaces is fairly fast for the best time to market, comparatively simple, cost-efficient, and offered from lot sizes of around 500 boards per year. For ultra-efficient high volume projects, a fusion of the congatec COM/carrier combo is an attractive option. SMARC module customers can even get free access to the carrier board schematics as support for their own carrier board designs.