New VX.2.2. release of PADS

PADS release highlights

PADS VX.2.2:

  • Library services (e.g., move multiple parts from partition to partition without using EDX) added to PADS Library Tools (Central Library)
  • 3D Mapping for Alternate Decals
  • Customer-requested focus areas:
    • Variant Manager
    • CAM
    • Ease-of-Use


PADS Professional VX.2.2:

  • New sample library (with new Partition structure)
  • 3D Mapping for Alternate Cells
  • Drawing Editor – image files can now be imported
  • Key-in Netlist


PADS Designer (rebranded from xDX Designer) VX.2.2:

  • New display control
  • Updates to Property Mapping dialog
  • Search command now supports drag and drop
  • Verify components
  • And more…