Mentor Graphics Extends the PADS PCB Product Creation Platform

With Advanced Analog/Mixed-Signal and High Speed Analysis for Mainstream Engineers.

Mentor Graphics Corporation announced the latest additions to the PADS® PCB Product Creation Platform. New analog/mixed-signal (AMS) and high-speed analysis products address engineering challenges associated with mixed-signal design, DDR implementation, and electrically-correct design signoff. Tightly integrated and highly affordable, the new PADS AMS Design Suite, PADS AMS Cloud, PADS HyperLynx® DRC, and PADS HyperLynx DDR products streamline the design process and ensure circuit performance goals are met, reducing the need for prototypes and design re-spins. Combined with the recently announced PADS HyperLynx® DC Drop and PADS FloTHERM® XT products for power integrity and thermal analysis, the extended PADS Product Creation Platform gives engineers access to technologies that were formerly out of reach for the mainstream PCB market.

Analog/Mixed Signal Design; Key benefits of PADS Analog/Mixed Signal Design:

  • Schematic design (including component data management, constraint definition, and variant capability), analog circuit simulation, and PADS HyperLynx pre-layout analysis all in a single environment.
  • Seamless and accurate representation of both electronic and electromechanical elements of a circuit.
  • Core capabilities for circuit verification and optimization against real-world variability.


DDR Simulation; Key capabilities:

  • Identifying and resolving SI impairments (overshooting/undershooting, ringing) and timing issues (set-up/hold, de-rating, skew, data bus margins).
  • Easy setup, automated whole-bus simulation, and consolidated results reporting with DDR Wizard.
  • Streamlined summary pass/fail judgment on entire interfaces.
  • HTML-based reporting which provides design documentation and Web-based publication of results.


Electrical DRC, Validation, and Sign-off; Key capabilities:

  • Fast and easy time to results with a rules-based approach to identify non-CAD constraints.
  • Out-of-the-box checks for EMI, signal integrity, and power integrity.
  • Visual results, easy identification of violations integrated with the PADS PCB product.


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