Introducing the New Zmod SDR: Elevate Your SDR Projects!

The Digilent Zmod SDR is a dual-channel digitizer designed for software-defined radio and RF applications. It is a SYZYGY™-compatible pod containing a dual-channel ADC and the associated front end. The Zmod SDR is intended to be used with any SYZYGY™ compatible carrier board. It features a wide input bandwidth, allowing for undersampling applications – capturing signals with frequencies much higher than the baseline 122.88 MS/s sample rate’s associated Nyquist frequency. An on-board low-jitter clock generator and low-noise design provide the precision necessary to capture fast radio signals.

When paired with an Eclypse Z7 host board, the Zmod is supported in GNU Radio, providing a convenient and familiar interface for SDR experts and researchers.

Digilent Zmod SDR


  •  Channels: 2
  •  Channel Type: Single-ended
  •  Resolution: 14-bit
  •  Input Range: ±1 V
  •  Absolute Resolution: 61 μV
  •  Sample Rate: 122.88 MS/s, max
  •  Input Impedance: 50 Ω @ 10 MHz
  •  Input Coupling: AC
  •  Analog Bandwidth: 35 kHz – 470 MHz @-12 dB, 100 kHz – 200 MHz @-3 dB
  •  Reference Clock: Onboard or from SYZYGY host board

Digilent offers a wide range of SYZYGY-compatible Zmods to choose from, including modules for ADC, AWG, and digitizer with various options to choose from.