Simplify Digital Electronics Learning with the Digital Trainer Canvas

 The Digilent Digital Trainer Canvas transforms your Analog Discovery Studio into a comprehensive digital circuit prototyping platform, ideal for introductory coursework and hobbyist exploration.

Digital Trainer Canvas for Analog Discovery Studio

Streamlined Prototyping with Integrated Components 

The Digital Trainer Canvas eliminates the need for separate components in your basic digital circuits. It features sixteen pre-mounted LEDs and sixteen user-operated switches, conveniently placed on the top section of the canvas. This streamlines the prototyping process, saving you time and effort while allowing students to focus on core digital electronics concepts. 

Two Breadboards for Flexible Circuit Building 

The heart of the Digital Trainer Canvas consists of two regular-sized, 630 tie-point solderless breadboards. This expansive workspace provides ample room for students to design and build a wide variety of digital circuits. In addition, two 100 tie-point dedicated power rail breadboards make it easy to maintain clean and organized power distribution throughout your circuits. 

Seamless Integration with the Analog Discovery Studio 

The Digital Trainer Canvas seamlessly integrates with the Analog Discovery Studio through magnets strategically placed beneath each corner. This magnetic connection ensures a secure and user-friendly attachment process. For added convenience, the canvas also features a dedicated power switch and LED indicator for clear control. 

Analog Discovery Studio

Learn More about the Analog Discovery Studio 

If you’re new to the Analog Discovery Studio, we recommend checking out our product page to learn more about its features and capabilities. This versatile instrument serves as a powerful multifunctional tool for a wide range of applications, including signal generation, analog and digital I/O, and data acquisition. 

Unlock a World of Learning Resources 

Digilent provides a comprehensive Digital Trainer Canvas Resource Center, packed with valuable learning materials. This central hub includes a getting started guide, user manuals, and tutorials to empower users of all experience levels. As always, you can reach out to Digilent’s technical support if you have any questions.