Avnet Silica

HoriZone of IoT – Energy efficient security for cloud-ready IoT Devices

Webinar: The 8th of December

The market demand for trusted embedded IoT devices with advanced security features is rapidly expanding.

This event will focus on the question of how to integrate high-end security efficiently and cost-effectively into an MCU-based IoT device.

Complete with a hands-on session, you will also learn how to set up your automation use case on a cloud platform based on the new HoriZone RA development kit.

The HoriZone RA development kit is designed to enable ‘proof-of-concept’ for edge-to-cloud Internet of Things (IoT) applications requiring secure communications. Powered by a Renesas RA Family microcontroller, optimized for secure IoT endpoints and edge devices, the easy-to-use kit delivers superior security features for Resource Constrained Embedded Systems (RCES) connected to Avnet´s IOTConnect® Cloud Platform based Microsoft® Azure cloud.





  • 09:30 IoT system overview – Avnet Silica
    • Building blocks of an IoT System
    • Cloud-ready IoT devices
  • 09:45 How to start with the HoriZone RA Kit – Avnet Silica
    • Hardware description
    • Firmware description
  • 10:15 Security for low power IoT devices – ZHAW
    • Systematic design process
    • From threat analysis to secure operation
    • Security-focused MCUs
  • 10:45 Introduction to the Renesas RA MCU family – Renesas Electronics
    • RA MCU Family:  High-Integration for a wide area of ​​applications
    • Overview of RA Partner Ecosystem
  • 11:15 Integrated hardware based security for IoT devices – Renesas Electronics
    • Renesas RA Family hardware security features overview
    • Mechanism for unlimited secure on-chip key storage
  • 11:45  Automation use cases on a cloud platform
    • How to build out-of-the-box an automated system
    • Hands-on demo based on HoriZone RA Kit
    • Automate your IoT devices from cloud platform
    • Device Management
  • 12:15 Q&A
  • 12:30 Webinar end