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FPGA/SoC Controlled Robot Arm using Digilent Cora Z7

Robotics have been used in outer space explorations, military applications, intelligent home applications and industrial automation. Industrial control, communications, machine vision, machine learning, human-machine interfaces, cyber-security and safety can be key technology considerations when building robots. Xilinx SoCs, FPGAs, and Versal ACAPs enable a modular approach to robotics by providing a common embedded hardware and software platform.

Adam Taylor, an expert in design and development of embedded systems, creates FPGA controlled robotic arm. For this project, Adam uses six servos under the control of Digilent Cora Z7, Zynq SoC development platform and servo shield. It will be controllable using either a simple software interface or using two Digilent Pmod JTSK2, two-axis joystick, to enable the direct control.

User can control it however desired within the envelope of movement

Go through all the steps and get the source code in the Digilent Project Page.