Embedded World 2017

Ensure electronic cooling requirements with PADS® FloTHERM® XT

Visit our PADS experts at the Mentor Graphics booth 510 in hall A4 during this year’s Embedded World and enjoy your “PCB cooling drink” at our cocktail bar while getting the latest and greatest PADS product news.

The PADS FloTHERM XT option is an award-winning electronics cooling solution that can be used during all stages of the electronics design process, from conceptual design to manufacturing. Its high level of intuitiveness makes it equally accessible to engineers who ‘do it all’ and to full-time thermal analysis experts, for improved product quality, reliability, and time-to-market.

Intuitive SmartParts™ help you build a simple concept model in minutes, work with complex mechanical parts directly from MCAD, create your own CAD geometry easily and efficiently, and use detailed electronic assemblies from EDA.

Embedded World 2017: March 14, 2017 – March 16, 2017, Nuremberg, Germany