E-16 technical seminar: Electronics Cooling

Solutions for Thermal Analysis & Fluid Flow Simulation – Michael Kasperski / Mentor Graphics

e16 electronics cooling

The management of heat development and spreading in electronics have been a known challenge for along time. The hurdle that all designs have to pass is avoiding overheating and the following failure of critical components, by applying the correct cooling techniques and methodologies.

Come and visit our free seminar and get a deep insight into how FloTHERM can solve your challenges.

Subjects that will be talked about are:

  • Import PCB layout
  • Setup project parameters
  • Apply flow boundary conditions
  • Application of heat sources
  • Mesh and solve model
  • Post process and visualize results
  • Transient Analysis
  • Custom materials definition
  • Configuration management and batch running capabilities


Tuesday 6th of September: 12.30 – 14.00 hr
Wednesday 7th of September: 12.30 – 14.00 hr

Conference part of Odense Congres Center; C0nference room nr 7

For additional information please contact Jesper Månsson of InnoFour, (+45) 898 823 42 mobile: (+46) 735 456 595 or j.mansson@innofour.com