DfR Solutions July Webinars

We invite you to attend the DfR Solutions July Webinars.

Best Practices in Thermal Derating

In the early stages of product development, effective design-for-reliability (DFR) approaches can have critical impact to the final product integrity. The goal is to assure adequate product strength against lifecycle stresses proactively. At the component level, identifying and controlling critical reliability factors can take place in schematics and prototype stage (as well as later) and component derating is one popular DFR approach for assuring that individual component will be able to operate robustly against major stress elements.

Thursday, July 14, 2016; 5:00 PM – 6.30 PM cest and 8:00 PM – 9.30 PM cest – REGISTER

Developing a Robust Memory Strategy

Memory devices are at the heart of our digital lives from wearables to smart phones, entertainment devices and the cloud. The term “memory” is ubiquitous. However, it is often forgotten that there are many types of memory and a one-device-fits-all approach doesn’t work. The architecture, reliability challenges, risks of obsolescence and level of system integration must be considered to develop a robust memory strategy for electronics design.

Thursday, July 28, 2016; 5:00 PM – 6.30 PM cest and 8:00 PM – 9.30 PM cest – REGISTER

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