CN Rood and Electro Rent partner to offer rental services in the Nordics and Baltic regions

Electronic test equipment specialists Electro Rent and CN Rood are partnering in a new co-operative agreement that will offer companies in the Nordic and Baltic regions better access to rental service options and localised support for test and measurement (T&M) equipment. With this new agreement, companies will be able to tap into all the benefits of T&M solutions that leverage the rental expertise of Electro Rent and the local market knowledge and presence of CN Rood.

The potential to hire multi-vendor T&M equipment presents an exciting proposition for both existing and new customers in the region, as the CN Rood’s CEO Benny Polleunis explains: “It’s highly positive that we can provide our customers with more possibilities. Partnering with Electro Rent increases our offerings to customers enormously with regard to options, brands and technologies.”

Advanced test and measurement equipment is essential for accurate and reliable measurements in a wide range of industries. However, purchasing this equipment can be a significant investment, so companies of all sizes are looking for ways to access the equipment they need to stay ahead of the competition without using valuable CapEx funds.

Renting test and measurement equipment has become an important alternative for those who are looking to save on costs while still utilizing the latest technology. By leveraging the benefits of rental, companies can cut the cost of adopting new equipment without committing to significant capital expenditure.

“We are extremely pleased with this agreement with CN Rood, as it brings together Electro Rent’s rental expertise with the trusted name of CN Rood as a leading technical specialist in the Nordics and Baltic” states Gavin Lessing-Caller, Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEA and Technology Products at Electro Rent. “Our combined expertise will deliver even greater value and enhanced local customer support. Together, we have the right solution for every need”

Notably, Electro Rent rather than CN Rood will process orders from Nordic and Baltic customers, for reasons that Benny Polleunis sets out: “The entire Electro Rent organisation is geared towards rental solutions, so tapping into that expertise provides benefits to customers. However, companies will of course continue to gain from the regional experience of CN Rood, accessing all the same support and knowledge that we have accumulated over many decades. That’s the wonderful thing about this co-operation: using each other’s strengths to create genuine competitive gain for customers.”


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