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A mobile hygrometer with Bluetooth interface – the PCE-555BT from PCE Instruments

The compact PCE-555BT temperature and air humidity meter is easy to operate and can transmit measurement data wirelessly to mobile devices. With the “MeterboxPro” app, which is available free of charge for Android and iOS devices, the transmitted series of measured values for temperature and humidity can be immediately displayed both graphically and in tabular form.

The sensors for temperature and air humidity are located at the tip of the probe and are protected by a slotted cover cap. This makes it possible to place the sensors in narrow or close to hot, cold or humid measuring locations without exposing the complete device to these conditions. On the back of the PCE-555BT, a tripod holder is also incorporated into the housing, which allows the hygrometer to be conveniently aligned to a specific measuring position without obstructing the air circulation there.

In measuring mode, the backlit display shows the measured value for the current air humidity in large digits and the value for the temperature in slightly smaller digits above it. By pressing the yellow button, you can switch from the air temperature to the display of the dew point temperature or the wet bulb temperature and between the units degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. “DP” for the dew point or “WB” for the wet bulb temperature is then displayed to the left of the determined value.


Air humidity meter PCE-555BT

– thermohygrometer with Bluetooth interface

– free app for Android and iOS

– temperature measurement from -20 … 60 °C (-4 … 140 °F)

– relative air humidity from 0 …100

– dew point temperature

– wet bulb temperature

– LC display with backlight

– MIN/MAX and HOLD function

– 3/8″ tripod thread

Air humidity meter PCE-555BT in use

The PCE-555BT from PCE Instruments is ideal for checking air humidity and temperature in common or storage rooms. From the measured values, the device can also determine the respective dew point and wet bulb temperature. Not only the current values can be read immediately on the display but also the minimum and maximum values of the active series of measurements. The measurement data can be transferred directly via Bluetooth to Android or iOS devices and evaluated there with a free app.

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