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A handy clamp meter for a wide range of applications – the new PCE-DC 9EV from PCE Instruments

In many areas, it is advantageous not to have to make direct contact with current-carrying cables in order to measure current. When a clamp meter is used, it is sufficient to clamp the individual line to be measured with the measuring clamp. The light and compact PCE-DC 9EV with its clamp diameter of 25 millimetres can also measure insulated cables with relatively large cross-sections without any problems.

In contrast to standard household appliances, which are supplied with a maximum of 16 amps from a safety socket, machines and vehicles powered by powerful electric motors require several hundred amps. The PCE-DC 9EV has a measurement range of one thousand amperes for both alternating and direct current. This makes it suitable for current measurements on electric vehicles and in the industrial sector.

For alternating current, the current clamp shows the true RMS value (TRMS), so that even non-sinusoidal signals are accurately evaluated. With the INR inrush function, even short-term load peaks that occur, for example, when motors start up, can be measured. The low-pass filter allows electromagnetic interference to be filtered out and, in addition, frequencies of up to four kilohertz can be measured. The small measuring clamp fits comfortably in the hand, the operating elements are clearly arranged and labelled. The display, which can be backlit if necessary, shows the measured value in large digits and also the abbreviation for the measured parameter and unit in small letters.

Some important specifications of the PCE-DC 9EV include:

– non-contact current and frequency measurement
– clamp diameter 25 millimetres
– direct current up to 1,000 amperes
– alternating current up to 1,000 amperes
– trueRMS/TRMS
– AC low-pass filter (LPF)
– inrush AC (INR)
– frequency measurement  up to 4,000 hertz
– CAT III 600 Volt / CAT IV 300 Volt

The PCE-DC 9EV current clamp with its high measurement range for direct and alternating current, with frequency measurement, low-pass filter, RMS and inrush measurement functions is suitable for many areas of application. Among other applications, it can also be used as an EV tester for current measurements on electric vehicles.

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