Avnet Silica

Virtual Wireless Discovery Days 20th + 27th of Jan 2021

Join us for a journey into Wireless Technologies. On two days in January, we will  host a virtual event for free to discuss major technologies in the wireless arena from short range to long range.

IoT and the demand for more flexibility in work places, production lines or mobile connected devices are increasing the need for wireless connectivity and all the available technologies from short range to long range.

During our two Wireless Discovery Days, we would like to give you an update on the latest wireless technology and enable you to choose the right solution for your use cases.


> January 20th 2020: Wireless Discovery Day 1

> January 27th, 2020: Wireless Discovery Day 2

January 20th: Wireless Day 1

Time Topic
10:30 Welcome & Introduction
10:45 STMicroelectronics: Ultra-low power multi-modulation wireless STM32WL open microcontroller platform

Thanks to a deep integration, the innovative and open architecture is optimized for Low-Power Wide Area Networks, legacy / proprietary protocols, flexible resource use, power management for a lower BOM cost and a better user experience.

11:20 NXP: The Growing demand for Wi-fi in IOT

In this presentation, we will provide you with an overview of NXP wireless connectivity for IOT applications. We will give an introduction of Wi-fi/BT Technologies, their evolution, and their integration to many IOT devices. And you will learn how to get started with NXP wireless connectivity solutions.

11.55 BLE and SubGHz Solutions from ON Semiconductor

Are you looking for a wireless SoC with long range, low sleep current, and the best power consumption (thanks to a short Wake-on-Radio)?  Then consider the AXM0F343, the new SoC with the AX5043 Radio Core + ARM Cortex M0+ for SubGHz wireless applications from ON Semiconductor.  Learn more about the 4 Major Knobs for the SubGHz ‘Range’, or link budget, and how to extend it.  In addition, the ultra-low power, BLE, RSL10 SoC and module will be presented, and we will explain when to use SubGHz and when to use BLE solutions.

13:30 Quectel: 5G Evolution of IoT Applications

The arrival of 5G and enhanced mobile broadband brings about countless new applications for machine-to-machine communication, while NB-IoT and LTE-M will provide future-proof alternatives to technologies currently serving low-data use cases. Quectel offers a wide portfolio of modules that meet current and future requirements for 5G. This webinar provides an overview of how 5G’s features can support IoT applications, as well as guidance on implementation.

14:05 Nordic Semiconductor: Smart Building solutions with a Nordic wireless SoC at the heart

This webinar will look at challenges and solutions of putting the Smart in Smart Buildings. We will touch on use cases like smart lighting, occupancy detection, tracking and indoor navigation, and discuss technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Mesh, Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding among other things, all of which are available on the nRF5 wireless SoC platform.

14:40 MiroMico: LoRaWAN: the Enabler of Indoor IoT Applications

In this presentation, we’ll introduce you to IoT applications utilizing LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN enables low-cost and easy-to-install private networks for indoor applications. Thanks to the excellent wireless coverage, the number of gateways per defined indoor area can be minimized in order to reduce installation, hardware and communications costs relative to other communications standards.

15:10 Q&A and Event wrap-up

In the final session of the day, we will answer the questions you submitted during the day, and give a short summary of on the wireless technologies presented.

January 27th: Wireless Day 2

Time Topic
10:30 Welcome & Introduction
Microchip: Proven High Performance and Secured Wireless Connectivity
In this challenging environment, many applications in medical, smart building, infrastructure and mobility require trusted secure execution with maximum integration and efficiency. In this presentation, we will demonstrate, through several use cases, how high performance and highly secure wireless solutions can make a significant difference in protecting your industrial IoT applications.
Maxim Integrated:Leading the Way in Ultra-Low Power GPS
One of the biggest challenges in adding GPS capability to battery powered devices such as vehicle trackers, asset trackers or IoT sensors is the shortened battery life. Increasing the size of the battery for longer runtime is, in almost all cases, not an option as this would increase the size, the weight, and the cost of the wearable. This presentation will explain the snapshot GPS technology, which along with intelligent power management, extends the battery life of the IoT device 10 fold. Further, some of the protection devices required by vehicle powered trackers will be discussed.
11.55 STMicroelectronics: Dual-core, multi-protocol wireless STM32WB microcontrollers, supporting Bluetooth® LE, Zigbee®, Thread® connectivity. Now also available as a module

This presentation will provide a comprehensive review of the STM32WB family with its latest introductions of value line, smaller flash size, added stack functionalities, module and more exciting news.

13:30 Nordic Semiconductor: How nRF9160 enables cellular IoT asset tracking

Tracking valuables has never been easier. With the emergence of low power cellular technology like LTE-M and smart GPS solutions it’s easier than ever to make small and power efficient tracking solutions that can last for months or even years on small batteries. In this presentation, we’ll introduce you to the nRF9160, an all-in-one, single chip solution for cellular asset tracking.

14:05 BICS & Avnet Silica: How to use Cellular Connectivity to accelerate your IOT project

In this presenation, we’ll introduce you to eUICC technology – a turnkey solution to deploy quickly Global Cellular Connectivity solutions on the market.

14:40 Semtech: Services enabled by components

In this session, we will present new Semtech LoRaWAN Technology to support additional features for geolocation with less power and high precision. Additionally you will have a look at our LoRaCloud to further push hardware sales with cloud services.

15:10 Q&A and Event wrap-up

In the final session of the day, we will answer the questions you submitted during the day, and give a short summary of on the wireless technologies presented.