Swissloop Traces Their Way to the Top at European Hyperloop Week

Swissloop pod was a big winner at European Hyperloop Week

The hyperloop pod “Bertrand Piccard” (pictured above) won four out of six technical awards at this summer’s European Hyperloop Week in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is the latest brainchild of the Swissloop team at ETH Zürich, which is known for designing and assembling their electronics in-house and to write the embedded software for power electronics, battery management, and vehicle control unit themselves.

The Bertrand Piccard» uses STM32H7 and -L5 microcontrollers running FreeRTOS. To achieve high reliability and complete safety, it was important to ensure correct timing of certain software routines. The Swissloop team were therefore extremely grateful they could use Percepio Tracealyzer to help them debug and save precious time in the short project year. The tool made it easy to spot tasks that executed slower than expected, which allowed the engineers to fix software errors quickly. It also revealed that CPU utilization was lower than expected, which leaves room for more complex tasks next year.

Read the full success story here.

University teams interested in leveraging Tracealyzer for free are encouraged to visit the Percepio licensing page to review the terms and apply for an academic license.