Seminar: Tools for Signal and Power Integrity using modern oscilloscopes

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“Tools for Signal and Power Integrity using modern oscilloscopes”

This seminar is designed for engineers working with high speed digital design,
where Signal and Power integrity becomes more important.


Advanced Eye diagram analysis
• Eye diagram basics.
• New method to get to your Eye results faster.

Jitter and Noise Analysis
• Motivation for Jitter and Noise Analysis.
• Advanced tools for Jitter and Noise measurements to find root causes.

• What is TDR/TDT.
• Why TDR on an oscilloscope matter.

• What is De-embedding?
• How and why to use.

Power Integrity
• Introduction to typical analysis and hurdles in power integrity measurements.
• Tools for Power rail measurement challenges.


Copenhagen – October 5th

Time: 08:30-13:00

Venue: DTU Lyngby, Elektrovej, Bygning 325, 2. floor, rum 241, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

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