Real-Time Systems GmbH

Security by Design – RTS Hypervisor

Protect your processes

The hardware-assisted separation of operating systems and resources with the RTS Hypervisor has been proven in thousands of applications worldwide for more than 10 years. In addition to its secure design, though, the Hypervisor features many more security-related functionalities, which are continuously being improved. This makes it the perfect platform for real-time applications in industries with demanding security requirements, such as the industrial, energy, and medical sector.

Your benefits

• True separation: independent and hardware-protected OS and BIOS operation
• No backdoors: autonomous development without plug-ins or unnecessary interfaces
• Secure inter-system communication: access to shared memory partitions limited to authorized processes
• Protected IoT connection: dedicated gateway for external communication on board
• Rich set of security features: rights management, secure boot, chain of trust, MMU virtualization, IOMMU, and many more
• Proven solution without teething problems: 100.000 Hypervisors in use worldwide over 10 years experience

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