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We combine the oscilloscope fundamentals training with the introduction of the new MXO 4 oscilloscope, to help you understand the important parameters, when using a modern oscilloscope.

In this seminar we will focus on the following topics:

  • Block diagram and how does a modern oscilloscope work i.e. Frontend, A/D Converter, Acquisition processing, Memory, Trigger, Display, FFT
  • Parameters which are important for the daily work.
  • Specifications and how to understand them and use it.
  • Oscilloscope Probes, passive vs. active.
  • Measurement examples

R&S has launched a new oscilloscope that excels in both performance and value. The new oscilloscope delivers a once-in-a-decade engineering breakthrough for accelerated insight.

MXO 4 Key facts:

  • World’s fastest acquisition rate: 4.5 Million waveforms per second
  • Up to 18-bit vertical resolution w. HD-mode / 12-bit ADC (all settings)
  • Digital trigger – first in class with a sensitivity of: 1/1000 vertical division
  • 400 Mpts pr. channel standard memory – deepest in class (optional up to 800 Mpts)
  • Sample Rate: Up to 5 GSa/s
  • 200MHz to 1.5GHz bandwidth
  • 4 Channels
  • Industry leading spectrum analysis: Acquisition rate up to 45.000 FFT/s
  • Display: 13.3“ Full HD
  • Operating system: Linux

We will provide food and drinks during the training.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us for any further information.


We are looking forward to welcoming you!