On-site Access & Repairability provides minimum downtime

On-site Access & Repairability provides minimum downtime

FT Terminals are modular designed to give easy on site access and repairability which results in minimum downtime in the production.

Being able to open the terminal with one single key in the production environment you get instant access to all parts of the inside terminal, which makes it easy to repair.

For any shattered or damaged items, you replace either a front or an inner plate, and the terminal will be back in operation. The damaged spare part can be sent to us for repair, and our repair service offers extended life to your product.

With the FT terminals you will be secured spare parts for many years, and our terminals will keep its value as a long term investment.


○  Instant access by a single key
○  On site replacement
○  Easy switch/upgrade of the inner plate
○  Easy switch/upgrade of the front
○  Extended lifetime to your product


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