GOmeasure signs representative agreement with Luxondes for Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

To extend the availability of its product and services in the Nordic region, Luxondes, has appointed GOmeasure ApS as their new representative for Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Effective immediately, the contract covers sales and support of Luxondes complete range of real-time measurement and visualization tools for electromagnetic fields.

Peter Herbst, from GOmeasure, adds: “We are very excited to bring this new technology to the Scandinavian marked. This is a unique and very useful tool to visualize the electromagnetic radiation. Being able to see your weak points in your design visually and affordable is a real game changer in the EMC test marked.

GOmeasure is an independent supplier of test and measurement equipment and related services from world leading manufacturers. GOmeasure staff has a long history within the industry and have the capability to support new and existing customers with the best technical advice.

About Luxondes

Luxondes imagines, develops and manufactures, real-time measurement and visualization tools for electromagnetic fields, making the scientific message accessible around the treatment and analysis of electromagnetic waves.

Luxondes is founded from the ambition of two passionate experts in physics and innovation.

These real-time visualization tools convert electromagnetic waves into visible color information in a chromatic range that varies according to their intensity. Destined for the worlds of industry, research and education, Luxondes’ solutions are designed to make electromagnetic wave processing and analysis accessible.

The study and the realization of the different systems presented by Luxondes are the fruit of a close collaboration with the LEOST/COSYS laboratory of the Gustave Eiffel University.

Luxondes Scanphone