What is a Material Map? And how does it help Electronics Thermal Simulation?

A material map is a computationally efficient and accurate method to represent material thermal property variations in printed circuit boards (PCBs) copper and layers, and for modeling complex IC package substrates and metalized dies. A material map file represents material properties as regions with sub-defined tiles that have set thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity and density values to fully represent material property variations.  The Material Map SmartPart in Simcenter Flotherm 2404 electronics cooling software release leverages imported Material Map files to enable faster, accurate modeling of modern IC packages and PCBs when compared to more typical modeling approaches that consist of thousands of geometric objects. The material map SmartPart approach is capable of supporting extremely high-fidelity representations without introducing software performance penalties.

Check this blog by Byron Blackmore about How to use the Material Map SmartPart for a PCB thermal analysis workflow in Simcenter Flotherm. Call or email us if you want to know more about electronics thermal simulation.