Westermo reduces board spins and improved product quality using HyperLynx PI

Westermo’s R&D division is constantly working to move the boundaries of what is technically possible for industrial data communication equipment. While it is important to be at the forefront of technology development, it is also crucial to ensure highest quality at all levels. This is one of the reasons Westermo have decided to work with Mentor Graphics.

HyperLynx PI (Power Integrity), can analyze the DC drop and AC characteristics of a PCB board. After a short introduction of the tool, Westermo started entering the design. Being an Xpedition PCB user helped this process and resulted in an easy way to start the required analysis.

During a follow-up workshop with the technical account manager of InnoFour, Johan Furunas stated: ‘With HyperLynx PI we are able to simulate all kinds of ‘Worst-case Conditions’ – Johan Furunas from Westermo.

More details of his HyperLynx PI evaluation can be found in the interview we held with Johan Furunas. Read the full reference story ►