Waste Heat Recovery Simulation with Organic Rankine Cycle System Modeling

FloMaster Web Seminar
As the automobile continues to evolve, the need to design and create innovative solutions to improve fuel economy grows with it. One of the most important areas of development continues to be improving fuel economy and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. When considering the internal combustion engine, today’s current vehicles only extract about one-third of the usable energy from the fuel for use in the vehicle. Several technologies are being developed under the idea of waste heat recovery, including the topic for the web seminar Organic Rankine Cycle.

Attend this Web Seminar Thursday the 18th of May and learn :

  • Where thermo-fluid system simulation can be used for Organic Rankine Cycle modeling
  • How to configure an Organic Rankine Cycle system in FloMASTER
  • How to determine optimal heat exchanger size
  • Evaluating expansion device performance
  • Determining overall system performance and efficiencies