Ten Things to Know about Thermal Design of Electronic Products


As designs get smaller, power densities at all packaging levels increase dramatically. Removing heat is critical to the operation and long-term reliability of electronics, and component temperatures within specification are the universal criteria used to determine the acceptability of a desigPADS_whitepaper_thumb_14-4F27795En. Cooling solutions directly add weight, volume, and cost to the product, without delivering any functional benefit. What they provide is reliability. Without cooling, most electronic products would fail in a matter of minutes. Leakage current, and thus leakage power, goes up with smaller die-level feature sizes. Because leakage is temperature-dependent, thermal design is more important. How should engineers who develop products with complex and/or high-power electronics ensure the thermal performance of their products while meeting other design criteria?

To answer this question, this paper will take a look at ten things you should know about thermal design of electronic products.

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