PADS® HyperLynx® DDR

Solving DDR Memory Challenges with Advanced Simulation

Spotting failures and avoiding unexpected or unpredictable circuit behavior prior to fabrication is a must.

Successful design of DDR interfaces requires investigation of signal-integrity impairments and characterization of timing margins. Adding DDR analysis to any PADS configuration enables engineers to address On-Die Termination, Controller Timing, Fly-by Topology, Write Leveling, and Slew Signal Derating in the context of DDR memory interfaces.

To improve design quality, an interactive DDRx wizard helps engineers identify timing and SI concerns. From there, engineers use the HyperLynx SI environment (LineSim®/ BoardSim®) to resolve setup and hold, overshoot/undershoot, and non-monotonicity issues in DDR interfaces.

Fully integrated with PADS, DDR analysis enables engineers to detect and resolve issues early. With PADS HyperLynx DDR, engineers can ensure that design intent is fully achieved before their designs go out for fabrication, saving costly re-spins and debug efforts.