From analyzing to realizing, you can design, simulate, and analyze mixed-technology circuits with PADS Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) cloud-based and desktop solutions.

Behavioral verification, scenario exploration, and component optimization are critical to ensuring design intent, performance, and reliability for analog/mixed-signal circuits.

PADS AMS Design Suite
Advanced schematic design, circuit simulation, and comprehensive analysis. Create, simulate, and validate analog, mixed-signal, and mixed-technology circuits in a complete schematic design and virtual prototyping solution.

Free, cloud-based virtual prototyping. Ownership of PADS includes access to the PADS AMS Cloud, powered by SystemVision® Cloud. Currently, you can explore circuits and run standard simulations and analyses of analog, mixed-signal, mixed-technology circuits in a cloud-based environment. With the upcoming PADS VX2 release, PADS customers will also be able to directly import circuits from schematics and save unlimited private designs.