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Electrification of Automotive & Transportation – Online Event

The event will open its doors on November 17th, 2020. We want to invite
you to learn the latest semiconductor solutions and innovations to
electrify automotive and transportation vehicles. Our virtual experience
will be a mixture of live webinars and a lot of exiting content. Apart from
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17. 11. 2020
09:30 ST Micro – Traction inverter solutions from 5kW to 200kW and above. The electrification megatrend offers great opportunities for power semiconductor vendors, because of new
emerging applications like the traction inverter. In this session, STMicroelectronics provides insights to the topologies
of electrified vehicles with 48V and 400V/800V DC bus voltage. A complete range of solutions for traction inverters
will be shown, that includes ASIL-compliant MCUs and PMICs, isolated gate drivers, Mosfets, IGBTs and Silicon
Carbide (SiC) devices. As a world leader in Silicon Carbide, the session will specifically explain the value of using
STMicroelectronics SiC Mosfets and SiC diodes versus conventional silicon devices.

11:00 ST Micro – Automotive battery management systems
The HV battery pack still makes up a significant portion of the cost of a BEV or (P)HEV. Vehicle manufactures are
aiming to achieve the maximum possible electric range, that can only be reached by a most precise measurement
of the SoC and SoH of the battery cells. In this session, STMicroelectronics will present a complete Automotive
battery management system solution, that complies with the highest level of functional safety. Besides the
measurements of voltage, current and temperature, the peripheral functions in a battery management system
like the disconnection with cut-off and fire-off will also be touched.

18. 11. 2020
09:30 ON-SEMI – Electrification in Commercial, Construction and Agriculture (CAV) Market with focus on traction
CAV market is an adjacent segment of the bigger light vehicle market. In this not negligible market, electrification
revolution started already. But drivers, requirements, architectures can be different considering the variety of
vehicles and usages in the segment. This seminar will provide an overview of the CAV market and his segmentations
with a particular focus on traction inverter.

11:00 ON-SEMI – Vehicle keyless door lock solutions for electrified mobility sharing
E-Car sharing is a boosting application for Keyless entry systems. In this webinar we will have a look on some market
trends and ON Semiconductor solution and related enabling technologies for Vehicle Keyless door lock solution.

19. 11. 2020
09:30 NXP – Functionally safe xEV traction inverter solution supporting SiC MOSFETs and IGBTs
Competitive and cost pressures in the electrification market is driving requirements for improved vehicle
efficiencies and faster development of high-voltage inverter designs which can support a wide range of traction
motor performance levels while reducing cost, volume, and weight of the overall system. NXP offers all the
essential IC components and enablement software (SW) necessary for safely, efficiently and reliably implementing
the power control functions of an xEV traction inverter system. This session will discuss the requirements of a HV
traction inverter with functional safety, and elaborate on a system solution (hardware, software, functional safety)
engineered to help customers accelerate the development of their next-generation electric vehicles (HEV/PHEV/
BEV). Further, the inverter solution addresses the emerging transition from utilizing IGBTs to SiC MOSFETs.

11:00 NXP – NXP’s battery management solutions for automotive & transportation

NXP’s scalable battery management system (BMS) can be used in industrial or automotive applications. The BMS
offers high measurement accuracy after soldering and aging and ISO 26262 support up to ASIL D functional safety
capability. The solution is a robust and safe, BOM-optimized option that combines BMS, junction box monitoring
solutions with high-performance processors and integrated analog front end solutions. During the session, we
will focus on battery management for Automotive & transportation. We will introduce a few central concepts and
use cases, system requirements, and design challenges, along with some solutions and development tools.
You will learn:
– BMS Market within vertical Automotive; applications and use cases
– NXP Battery management solutions for automotive and industrial applications
– NXP offering in BMS systems with CAN, RTC, HS switch, pressure sensor, safety PMIC
– NXP support for your BMS developments

27. 11. 2020
10:00 Codelab – Software Development according to Automotive SPICE – a luxury or necessity?
The automotive industry is getting more and more complex every day. All companies, nevertheless if OEMs or
Tier’s, they are operating in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. The systems that we are
building are the software-based ones and what we know is that scope, risks, dependencies between components,
development and management costs are sky-rocketing. As the expectations and market pressure.
The question is: can we do anything about it? Is implementing Automotive SPICE worth the effort? Maybe local
processes are better? Maybe creating well-defined, refined and gold plated processes will be the most optimal
approach? Or maybe you are doing agile and there is no place for such thing like “Automotive SPICE”, because
“spices” kill your agility?
During the session, we will focus on the benefits and challenges linked to Automotive SPICE deployment.
Some myths will be busted, some tips will be given, some questions will be answered.