DownStream Technologies: New releases for BluePrint and CAM350

DownStream Technologies has released new builds of Version 12.1 & 5.1. This release is available to anyone who is eligible for CAM350 V12.1 and BluePrint 5.1.

Some Release Highlights for BluePrint 5.1:

  • Last Used File Paths Preserved
  • Exclude Hyperlink Highlight in PDF/DXF
  • Pad and Via Visibility Control for Design View and PCB Views
  • Add Multiple Doglegs to Coordinate Dimensions
  • Via Graphic Management for Backdrill Stackup
  • BluePrint Reference Designator Options for Design View
  • Print from Design View
  • Outline and Hatch Display for Pads and Traces in Design View and PCB Views
  • Run BluePrint Silently via Application Programming Interface (API)
  • New Select PCB Command for Panel Editing
  • New Pinning Hole Dimension for Panels
  • Associate Pairs of Mill Tabs on a PCB Panel


Some Release Highlights for CAM350 / DFMStream 12.1:

General CAM350 Updates

  • Refreshed User Interface
  • Set Hole Type in NC Tools Table
  • Drill Layer Name for Each Tool Table
  • IPC-2581 Revision B Import/Export Support
  • ODB++ Version 8.0 Support
  • Complex Stencil Shapes in Aperture Table


DFMStream Updates

  • New DFM Stream Look and Feel
  • Select and Manage Errors in Results View
  • Multi-threading Support Leads to Improved Processing Speed
  • Preprocess – Improved Laser Via Detection / Global Fiducial Detection
  • Negative Plane – Additional Negative Plane Checks
  • Negative Plane – Annular Ring Check Definition Expanded
  • Netlist Compare – Support for Plated Mill Routes
  • Soldermask – Ignore Non-plated Holes for Missing Copper and
  • Missing Pad Checks


For more information or help, don’t hesitate to contact us via (+45) 898 82 34 2 or