Calling all OrCAD Users!

OrCAD® Capture is a popular schematic capture tool many of you may have been using since your university days, but its simulation capabilities are limited. Now, you can keep Capture and easily move into the PADS Product Creation platform.

By using OrCAD Capture to front-end PADS Professional, you’ll have access to best-in-class tools for analog/mixed signal, SI, and thermal analysis and a constraint management system that allows you to quickly create and manage design rules, including high-speed rules that are propagated throughout the flow.

You’ll also get the best PCB technology in the industry. PADS Professional includes advanced technologies in placement planning, sketch and interactive routing, RF, and constraint editing. And, as part of the PADS Product Creation platform, you’ll also have ready access to ECAD-MCAD collaboration, DC Drop analysis, electronic signoff, a DDR wizard, and 3D computational fluid dynamics thermal analysis. All at very affordable prices!

PADS Blog by Jim Martens – Mentor Graphics