Avnet Silica

1 Hour Battery Management Solutions NXP / AVNET SILICA

Join this 1-hour webinar to learn about NXP’s Battery Management Solutions.

Date: 14th of October 10:00 – 11:00


NXP’s scalable battery management system (BMS) can be used in industrial or automotive applications. The BMS offers high measurement accuracy after soldering and aging and ISO 26262 support up to ASIL D functional safety capability. The solution is a robust and safe, BOM-optimized option that combines BMS, junction box monitoring solutions with high-performance processors and integrated analog front end solutions.


During the session, we will focus on battery management for transportation. We will introduce a few central concepts and use cases, system requirements, and design challenges, along with some solutions and development tools.

You will learn:

• BMS Market within vertical Automotive; applications and use cases

• NXP Solutions for Battery Management Systems, development tools and reference designs

• NXP offering in BMS systems with CAN, RTC, HS switch, pressure sensor, safety PMIC

• NXP/Avnet Silica support for your BMS developments


Speakers: Emmanuel Carcenac, Advanced Analog Distribution Business Development, NXP Semiconductors Gregor Knappik, Market Segment Manager Automotive EMEA